Welcome to Chez Manany Galápagos Ecolodge!

The eco lodge is located outside the small town of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island in the Galapagos, next to a mangrove area protected by the Ramsar Convention and very close to the lagoon Concha de Perla – a tourist attraction for snorkelling in which you can see tropical fish, sea lions, penguins, rays, marine turtles and over 20 different species of birds.

Chez Manany Galapagos Eco Lodge Puerto Villamil


Apartments and Eco Suite

The Eco lodge offers three fully equipped accommodations with kitchen and TV. Two large apartments are located in the new building and each can accommodate up to 6 guests. The eco suite is in a wooden house on the ground floor and can accommodate up to 3 guests. All apartments have superior quality standard, panoramic windows and large terraces.

The apartments are located in a modern building made of mixed materials. The walls were prefabricated with a combination of stone and cement, the windows and doors were made of certified wood, making all the building mesh perfectly with the environment. 
luxury vacational rentals Chez Manany Isabela Island
The eco suite is located in a beautiful wooden house next to the apartments. This house was also prefabricated and uses, as in the apartments, isolating elements which assure the correct use of energy.  In the second floor  of the wooden house is located the residence of Wilson and Manany (owners), always willing to have a close and friendly relationship with their guests assuring a rich intercultural exchange in Galápagos during their stay.
eco suite chez manany isabela island puerto villamil

Chez Manany attaches importance to sustainable tourism to protect the island. In addition to the ecological construction we have added solar panels for the illumination of our entire lodge. Over that we have a water purification system with Ozone .
Guests can participate in social life on the island and promote the economy of it by supporting local business.

Choncha de Perla Isabela Island Galapagos


Natural Paradise Isabella Island

Isabela is the biggest Island of the Galapagos Archipelago. The island offers a variety of tourist attractions, e.g. daily tours to Las Tintoreras, the Volcanoes and los Túneles, etc. If our guests want to relax, they can just walk on the white sand beach near to the lodge.

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