Las Tintoreras

Are a small group of islands off the coast of Isabela that form a series of sea channels where you will find the local Galapagos penguin, as well as reef sharks, marine turtles and sea lions.

Concha Perla

It is a bay with shallow, calm and transparent water that allows to observe the fascinating marine fauna of Galapagos and you can swim with sea lions and penguins, something that can not be experienced in any other tropical zone of the world.

The Tunnels

Is a series of lava flows that have produced unique geological formations, a series of arches and tunnels underneath and above the water- a habitat for many local Galapagos Species.

Zona de Humedales

Are mangroves and brackish water lagoons formed by seawater leaks and underground freshwater tributaries from the upper reaches of the island. They are also an important feeding area for the Galapagos penguin and one of the main nesting sites of the green turtle

Volcán Sierra Negra

Is the home to incredible lava paths adorned with local plants and animal life. A must for hikers and geology lovers during your stay at Isabela Island.

Tortoise breeding station

Is a home for Tortoises to protect them in their first years of life from the threats of foreign species such as pigs and donkeys.

Mirador el Mango

Is located on Isabela Island 9km from Puerto Villamil. From this site you can see the southern part of Isabela Island and part of the agricultural area.
Named Mirador del Mango because of the presence of several trees of this fruit. The attractiveness of the site is the landscape and the typical vegetation with several species of birds.

Cueva de Sucre

It is located in the agricultural area and is part of the Galapagos National Park Area is 480 mts long and cross a tunnel of lava and finally reaches the forest.

Cerro Orchilla

From the top of Cerro Orchilla you can observe a beautiful view of Puerto Villamil like: beaches, volcanoes and islets of the southeast of Isabella. It is an ideal place for photography on sunny days.

Playa del Amor

A small beach that reaches a small lagoon of sea water where you can enjoy a relaxing bath. It’s an ideal place for children. Nearby is a rocky coast where the marines iguanas are usually resting.




Beach, wetlands, wall of tears, Giant tortoise Breeding Center Arnaldo Tupiza and Concha de Perla.


Kayaks tours can be organized on the port to discover the bay area.


Wetlands, Wall of tears and Campo Duro.

Sea Excurtions

Bay tour, artisanal fishing, lava tunnels.


To explore the Concha de Perla, diving masks and snorkels can be rented for a fee at Chez Manany.

Guided Treking

Explore organized hiking tours to Sierra Negra, Volcán de Azúfre y Volcán Chico

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